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Nightfall (Off World Series, Book #2): A Fantasy & Futuristic Romance Novella
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From New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author, Rebecca York
When all-male plague survivors landed on the planet Palomar, no one knew if humans could thrive in the hostile environment. Now it’s twenty years later, and the planetary authority has finally authorized a shipment of brides. Homesteader Caleb Raider has won a wife in the lottery, but he hasn’t seen a woman since childhood-except in a porn vid. His new wife, Beka Gunnarsen, knows he’s a virgin.

What’s the best way to introduce him to the pleasures of married love, while hiding the secret she thinks will destroy their new relationship? And is she up to living on a nearly lawless planet where savage wildlife roams?

Caleb and Beka go to bed for the first time, but she’s having her period and they can only do so much.


He lay beside Beka for long moments in the darkness.  She’d said she wanted them to be comfortable with each other.  Would she be comfortable if he touched her in bed?  Nothing sexual.  Just a touch.  Slowly, he moved his arm toward her, feeling the sleeve of her gown. The fabric felt thick and practical.  He slid his arm farther toward her until the back of his hand was pressed lightly to hers.

He felt her stiffen, then relax.

Nothing sexual, he’d told himself, again.  But just the contact of her soft skin against his hand sent a wave of arousal through him.  Could it be having the same effect on her?  Or was he just so far gone that the merest touch was going to charge him up?

For long minutes she didn’t move. Then she turned toward him, slinging her arm across his chest and resting her head on his shoulder.  Slowly he brought his arm up, clasping her.

After a moment, she whispered, “We should get to know each other a little better.”

“Like how?”

She raised up, then brought her mouth to his, the light contact almost knocking the breath from his lungs. In all his life, he had never kissed anyone on the mouth, and he’d never felt anything that affected him more, not in his lifetime.  When she moved her lips against his, he thought he would go up in flames.

His arm came up to clasp her shoulder as she nibbled at him.  Then he felt her tongue exploring the seam of his lips.  He’d seen tongue action on the vids.  He supposed it was meant to be arousing, but it always looked slimy.  He wasn’t sure he wanted to try it.

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**The Decorah Security Collection includes Chained, Dark Powers, Hot and Dangerous,
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