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Broken Lives (Freedom Trilogy Book 2)
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Emma Greyson thought she had it all, until she was faced with Alec Collins’ ugly past.
While Alec tries to leave the past in the past and move on to the future, his wife, Molly, has other plans for her husband.
After Emma is stalked and taunted by Molly, Alec makes a decision that could change everything.
Will he stay with Emma? Will he leave and be with his wife and the mother of his daughter? Does Alec make the right choice? Only time will tell.
The Broken.
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Friends to lovers. Brother’s Best friend. Dark romance. When River’s life takes a terrifying twist into dark territory one harsh night, she’s left with nowhere to turn but to the one guy who uses her situation to further his own agenda. Left trapped in a relationship with a false, abusive savior, River destroys any hope of being with the one guy she truly loves, forcing him to flee. But after four years of his absence, he’s returned to find River’s life bleaker than ever. He ran away from her when she needed him the most, but unanswered questions need answers.[Read More]