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The WOLF on Jen's Street (Werewolf Shifter FM Steamy Romance Conflict): (Werewolf Shifter FM Steamy Romance Conflict)
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Jennifer is a 21 year old virgin. She is growing up, and has just moved out on her own. To her surprise, her next door neighbor is a dangerously handsome alpha werewolf. Craving love, Jennifer falls for Jasper’s tricky games, and finds herself passionately tangled with Jasper’s muscular shifter body. But can their love keep them together? She will be faced with overcoming a huge obstacle, mating with the pack.
My Neighbor Is a Werewolf - And So Are His Friends! (BBW Shifter Menage Erotic Romance)
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Warning: Just because you have a hot neighbor that likes to spend time in the woods, doesn’t mean he’s an alpha wolf looking for a hot fuck for him and his pack. But why not follow him, just in case…For years, Amelia’s hot older neighbor has been making monthly trips to the forest with a group of his well built friends. Years ago, when she was just a child, Amelia asked if she could join them but Mr. Fletcher just patted her on the head, amused by the child.But Amelia isn’t a child anymore. She’s 18 and[Read More]