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The Arrangement [The Complete Collection]
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This stunning romantic series is available for the first time as a five-book box set.
Contains All Five Books!

What if they tried to make you their slave?
What if they tried to make you their plaything?
What if they tried to make you their mistress?

These are the questions that April Masterson must deal with as she navigates her way through the intriguing world of The Arrangement. April is a girl who thinks she has everything: a nice home, beautiful daughters, a caring husband. When her husband makes partner at the prestigious firm he works for, things only look brighter. The firm provides them with an elegant new home, new cars, even servants. What could be better?

But all is not as it seems. Pretty quickly, April finds herself in situations she never could have imagined. Not only is she expected to play the role of the beautiful lawyer’s wife, but she has to entertain the wildest fantasies of all four of the firm’s senior partners. The stakes are high and she has no idea if she can do what these wealthy, powerful men expect of her.

In this world everything comes at a price. While the firm may have decorated her house, given her a pool, a chauffeur and a maid, there are expectations of payment. April is expected to pay in the only way these men feel a beautiful, young wife can pay.

She finds that she is fighting to protect her dignity and sense of self-worth as the partners begin to humiliate her and use her in ways she never could have imagined.

Will she be able to protect her identity from this onslaught? Will she be able to find her inner-strength and give her two daughters the childhood she never had?

And most importantly of all, will she be able to find true love in a world where love is treated like a toy, and women are seen as little more than expensive playthings?

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