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The Traveling Man (The Traveling series Book 1)
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“I loved this book!”
Penelope Ward, NYT bestseller

“I was lucky to get to read an ARC of The Traveling Man and it was AMAZING!!!”
A. Meredith Walters, New York Times Bestseller

“Wow! Read ‘The Traveling Man’ last night in one sitting. I loved this book”
Joanna Wylde, NY Times Bestselling Author

“a top favourite”

“Beautifully written, super-sweet, wonderfully detailed and HIGHLY recommended by so many of my well-read fellow readers!”

Natasha Is A Book Junkie 5*****
“Against a brilliant backdrop of colourful characters and bewitching imageries, we get a front seat in this delightful coming-of-age tale that then transition”

Southern Belles
“How different her books always are. Every. Time. They’re never your generic tale of boy meets girl. She has the most entertaining stories and with her writing, the characters and their lives truly come to life. The Traveling Man was no exception. This ride is unlike anything else I’ve read, and that made me enjoy it even more.”

Agents of Romance
“Jane makes it so easy to fall head over heels for Kestrel (Love that name!) and all of his dark moods. He is honestly one of her best heroes yet”

Hopelessly Devoted 2 Books
“Jane has recreated the magic of the carnival flawlessly, I felt that same rush reading it that I felt when I was a child hyped up on sugar charging around from ride to ride”

Badass Bloggettes
“There aren’t many stories that make me feel the wide range of emotions when reading it like The Traveling Man does. I can’t get the characters out of my head even now.”

Kelsey’s Korner Blog
“It had been months since a book pulled me in by the short and curlies and at 50% and reading into the early hours of the night I didn’t wanna put this baby down.”

Beauty and the Beastly Books
“Five magical stars! How can you start reviewing a book that touched you as deeply as The Traveling Man touched me?”

Forever Romance
“An amazing story, full of passionate and well rounded characters.”

No BS Book Reviews
“This book was simply perfection in my eyes. There is such a magical quality about the story with the whole carnival aspect, but also with the writing. It’s beautifully pieced together, well researched and I highlighted like a madwoman. When I read I look for something that’s going to make me emotional, whether that’s happy, angry, devastated, terrified, you name it, I want to feel it. And I did here. My emotions were all over the place and I loved every heart wrenching moment of it.”

Sassymum Book Blog
“The is the first book of Jane Berrick-Harvey I have read and certainly look forward to reading her other word. This book had such an emotional not so perfect love story between Kestrel (Kes) the “Carnie” and Annie – your everyday Suburban girl from a small town.
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Not suitable for under 18
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I was ordinary. Nice.

He was extraordinary. And he wasn’t always nice.

Moody and difficult, brilliant and beautiful, Kes scared me and he protected me. He could be incredibly hurtful and incredibly thoughtful. He wasn’t perfect, but he was perfect for me. He challenged me, he took me out of my safe little box and showed me the world could be magnificent. He was everything I wasn’t.”

* * * *

Aimee Anderson is ten when the traveling carnival first comes to her nice little town. She doesn’t expect her world to change so completely. But meeting Kestrel Donohue puts her life on a different path.

Even though she only sees him for the two weeks of the year when he passes through her home town, his friendship is the most important of her life. As a child’s friendship grows to adult love, the choices become harder, and both Kes and Aimee realize that two weeks a year will never be enough…

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